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Getting Started

  • What is FICCI-B2B ?;
    • FICCI-B2B is business to business portal helping Small and Medium Businesses with useful business information on trade leads, tenders, buyers, importers, agents, distributors, upcoming projects etc. It also organizes buyer-seller meetings round the year and helps Indian SMEs visit overseas markets as part of business delegations.
  • Why Should I Join FICCI-B2B ?;
    • Customer is oxygen for your business - you need new customers regularly from home and abroad to take your business to new heights. FICCI-B2B helps you acquire new customers, sales leads round the year and keeps you updated on market dynamics.

      By joining FICCI-B2B - you and your sales team will be able to concentrate on what you do best - transacting business, leaving the job of searching and researching for new customers and sales leads to skilled information service professionals.

      FICCI-B2B is Business Information Service Unit of Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), the largest and oldest Apex Indian Business Organization, representing over 250,000 businesses from all over India having tie-ups with 200+ overseas business associations. As subscriber of FICCI-B2B portal - your company stands to gain excellent promotion and other benefits from FICCI network.
  • How Do I Join FICCI-B2B ?;
    • You may join FICCI-B2B as free or paid subscriber and enjoy unparallelled business opportunities. As FREE subscriber , your company profile will be listed in directory section and you will be able to access limited business opportunities FREE. Please click Here for FREE Registration Form

      By joining as PAID Subscriber - you will enjoy vast business opportunities for one full year, participate in buyer-seller meetings, visit overseas markets as part of Indian business delegation and other invaluable business services available at FICCI-B2B only. If you have already joined as FREE Subscriber - Upgrade Yourself to Paid level from MyFicciB2B. To join as Paid subscriber - Please click Here
  • What is the Difference Between FREE and PAID Subscription ?;
    • As FREE subscriber, your company profile will be listed in directory section below paid subscribers and you will have limited access to various opportunities.

      PAID subscribers enjoy all b2b services, including buyer-seller meetings, overseas market visits, tenders, trade leads, export import data etc. for one full year. FREE subscribers can upgrade to paid level any time and start accessing all business opportunities.
  • What is FICCI ?;
    • FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry) is the largest and oldest apex business organization in India. A non-government, not-for-profit organization, FICCI is the voice of India‚Äôs business and industry. For more information - please visit FICCI Website


  • What Are Your Services ?;
    • FICCI-B2B offers unparalleled services that no other b2b portal can match. Check for yourself
      • Vast Business Opportunities
        • Buy Trade Leads from Overseas and India
        • Tenders and Procurement Notices from Govt, PSU and other institutions
        • Agents and Distributors
        • Export Import Data from all major Indian seaports, airports and dryports
        • Business News, Trade Fairs and many others
      • Buyer Seller Meetings, Overseas Market Visits
        • FICCI, in association with Ministry of Commerce organizes over 40 buyer seller meetings between overseas business delegations visiting India and Indian businesses. As portal subscriber, you will get free access to all these buyer seller meetings
        • FICCI organizes over 15 Indian business delegations to major overseas markets every year. As portal subscriber, you may join such business delegations and visit overseas markets of your choice
      • Promotion Through FICCI-B2B
        • Display Your Company in Directory Section, attract overseas and Indian customers
        • Create Your On-Line Catalog - Promote through FICCI-B2B and FICCI Network of Indian and Overseas Business Associations
  • What is On-Line Catalog ?;
    • Successful e-business requires credible Internet presence. To be successful in Internet - you need professionally designed web site that can attract and retain customers from all over the world.

      FICCI-B2B offers a user-friendly facility to design your comprehensive on-line catalog (as good as full-fledged website) in 6 easy steps. Create your own product categories, add products under each category (description, special features, packing, image etc.) write your 'About Us' page, add announcements - your website is ready in 15 minutes ! Rest of the content will be automatically created from information you have already submitted in other sub-systems of FICCI-B2B.
      • You will be able to update your on-line catalog as many times as you like in real-time. The result will be visible to the world as soon as you have made the changes, no web-design or computer skill is required.
      • FICCI-B2B receives large number of visitors from India and abroad. Having your product catalog at FICCI-B2B means round the year exposure of your company at no extra cost.
  • How Do I Join Buyer-Seller Meetings ?;
    • FICCI organizes 40-50 Buyer-Seller Meetings every year in association with Govt. of India, Industry Associations, Overseas Chambers of Commerce and trade promotion bodies. These Buyer-Seller Meetings comprise of overseas business delegations visiting India and Indian businesses who wish to meet delegates individually. FICCI organizes one-to-one meetings between overseas business delegate and interested Indian participant.

      By joining FICCI-B2B - you will receive regular alerts about forthcoming b2b meetings and able to participate. As paid subscriber - you may participate in as many b2b meetings as you like free. However, free subscribers may have to pay a participation fee. While registering for any business meeting - you may cite your preferences for one-to-one meeting with specific delegates. Please visit Buyer Seller Meeting Section select any upcoming business meeting and click at Participate button to register yourself for concerned buyer-seller meeting.
  • What is Overseas Market Visits ?;
    • FICCI regularly organizes business to business (b2b) meetings, seminar, industry visit and exhibition in different countries throughout the year in association with Govt. of India, foreign chambers of commerce, industry association, global trade promotion agencies and several bilateral & multilateral institutions. FICCI organizes specific one-to-one meetings between overseas business and visiting Indian delegates with the help of the foreign counterparts. These Business Delegations visit major overseas markets and take part in B2B meetings, trade shows, industry forums etc.

      As FICCI-B2B subscriber - you will receive alerts on forthcoming business delegations. PAID Subscribers enjoy special discount on participation fee while FREE Subscribers have to pay full participation fee. To register for any forthcoming business delegation - please visit Business Meeting Section select a business delegation and follow the instructions for participation. You may participate in as many delegations as you like and successfully explore potential overseas markets.
  • How Do I Find Buyers ?;
    • There are broadly 2 ways of finding buyers - either you locate buyers through market research, trade leads, agents etc, or buyers find you through advertisement, promotion etc. FICCI-B2B helps you in both areas.

      Buyers Section lists hundreds of trade inquiries posted by buyers and importers from India and abroad. This section is updated daily - so please visit regularly for latest information. As FICCI-B2B subscriber you can contact buyer/importer of any such trade inquiry (using your download credit) and develop lasting business relation.

      Tenders Section lists institutional procurement information from India and abroad. Thousands of tenders and procurement notices are uploaded everyday - please visit this section regularly or opt for alert system for keeping yourself abreast of latest opportunities. As FICCI-B2B subscriber - you can view details of any tender using your download credit.

      Apart from trade information - FICCI-B2B helps you meet buyers face-to-face through Buyer-Seller Meetings round the year and Overseas Market Visits

      FICCI-B2B helps you greatly in advertisement and promotion. Please read concerned section of FAQ for more details.


  • What is MyFicciB2B ?;
    • MyFicciB2B is your personal control panel for managing various subscriber resources

      As registered subscriber, you enjoy special privileges over ordinary visitors. MyFicciB2B helps you manage these special privileges, such as
      • Make Changes in your Company Profile
      • Change Product Categories (for display in directory section)
      • Post Buy/Sell/Biz messages
      • Check your Inbox for Incoming Trade Enquiries and Responses posted by Visitors
      • Design Your On-Line Product Catalog
      • Set Special Alert, make changes in Alert Profile
      • Change password
      • Renew or Upgrade Your Membership Services
      • Request Support by creating Support Ticket etc.
      You should log-in to MyFicciB2B Regularly. It has a news section to inform you about latest developments, new announcements etc.
  • How Do I Create MyFicciB2B Account ?;
    • You need not do anything - as soon as you register as subscriber, MyFicciB2B account gets automatically created.
  • How Do I Access MyFicciB2B ?;
    • Your MyFicciB2B account is your own - so you need to log-in to your account using your own user-id and password you created during registration. Please click at MyFicciB2B button at top left hand corner of any page at, enter your user-id and password at log-in window. For more details and your user-id and password - please read Welcome ... mail you received after successful registration.
  • What is My Messages in MyFicciB2B ?;
    • My Messages manages your incoming and outgoing mails at It also ensures safekeeping of all trade leads and valuable enquiries you receive.

      Whenever a visitor posts a trade enquiry in response to your advertisement or product profile - the enquiry will be sent to your registered and alternative e-mail addresses as e-mail.

      In addition, the server stores a copy of the enquiry in your Inbox for Incoming Trade Enquiries and Responses. All you need to do to monitor your enquiries - is to log-in to MyFicciB2B, click on My Messages at top menu panel and check the enquiries you have received.

      You will not lose a single trade enquiry even if your mailbox is full or bouncing messages because of malfunction or rejecting valid trade enquiry - thinking it as spam or your mail server is down. You may delete these enquiries from your account after downloading

'How To' Guide

  • How Do I Request for Help ?;
    • You can contact us for any help through several ways:
      1. Register Your Request for Help by Creating a Support Ticket. You will receive a confirmatory e-mail with unique token number. A support executive will handle your request, e-mail you suggestion/help. If you are not satisfied, you may continue using the support request for further help unless the ticket is closed. Apart from e-mails, all messages between you and support executive will be stored in support ticket system.
      2. Click Contact Us button to send us a message that is guaranteed to reach us
      3. Send us an e-mail. However, given the unreliability of e-mails - we can not guarantee that your e-mail will reach us
      4. Click at Online Chat button for online help
      5. Call us at given telephone number
  • I Have Forgotten Password - Please Help;
    • Visit log-in window by clicking at MyFicci-B2B link at top menu bar and click at Forget Password link just below log-in window.
  • How Do I Change Password ?;
    • Log-in to MyFicciB2B with your existing password and click at Change Password. You will be asked to provide existing password as well as new password. Your password should be at least 6 character long.
  • How to Change Company Profile ?;
    • Log-in to MyFicci-B2B, click at Company Profile at top menu bar. You will be directed to Company Profile section. Click at Update Profilelink at left menu panel in Company Profile section.

      • Please do not use all UPPERCASE letters (JAMUNA EXPORT is wrong, correct usage is Jamuna Exports).
      • Company name can be changed during renewal
      • Please do not write your e-mail and website address anywhere other than the columns specified
      • Please use only text characters, html commands are not allowed.
      • All profile change requests are monitored by moderator, who reserves the right to make changes in profile, if necessary.
  • I have Changed Company Profile - but Directory still showing old information;
    • All profile change requests are monitored by human moderator. It may take 24-48 hours for moderator approval and subsequent display. Please wait for 48 hours after you have submitted profile change request. If updated information still does not show, please refresh your browser and contact Support if necessary.


  • How Do I Pay ?;
    • We accept on-line and off-line payments through variety of payment options. Please visit Payments Section for more information. Please feel free to Contact Us for any help or support.
  • Do You Offer Discounts ?;
    • We offer discount for companies who are members of Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI). Please check subscription comparison section for discount structure. Apart from FICCI Members - no other discount is offered.

General Questions

  • What is Download Credit ?;
    • Download Credit allows you full access to all services in FICCI-B2B. Though FICCI-B2B has large amount of free information - there are some parts/pages where access is restricted. Only privileged subscribers can view/access such restricted information by spending their Download Credits. Your download credits get consumed every time you view/access such restricted information.